Sloppy Joes -This is a very good recipe.  I substituted brown sugar with brown sugar twin and used low carb bread.

Hamburger Helper Stroganoff -This is now a favorite of mine.  I was impressed with this recipe, it truley exceeded my expectations.  My boyfriend, who is a very tough food critic wanted seconds-that's rare-VERY rare.  So do try this recipe, believe me, you'll be glad you did!

Cauliflower "Macaroni" and Cheese-I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a hit, there was hardly any left the next day, and I had been looking forward to chowing down on the leftovers!  This recipe is just plain GOOD!  You must try this one!

Chocolate Cake --This turned out pretty good.  I made this before I started sifting my almond flour , I wonder how it would have turned out if I had used the sifted, well I guess I'll see next time I make an almond flour cake.  It looked, tasted and felt exactly like regular chocolate cake in my opinion.  Well, maybe a little denser and not as light and fluffy, but it worked for me.  The frosting I used was the best part, I was very pleased with it.  I used erythritol and a little stevia for the sweetener for both the cake and frosting.  Go here to see the nutrition info., go here to see a picture.

3 Minute Chocolate Cake --This is the best almond flour (I used almond flour instead of soy) cake I've ever made!  All the other cakes I ever made with almond flour came out dry and dense.  This cake is soft and moist, very very much if not exactly like real cake!  This is honestly the best cake I've ever tasted.  I also made a banana spice cake version.  I didn't use cocoa, substituted one tablespoon of butter with a tablespoon of banana, put 1/8 tsp banana extract,1/8 tsp vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp cinnamon and 1/8 tsp cloves (or you could use nutmeg). It was very very good!  This cake recipe makes the one above seem not so good at all in comparison.  

Pumpkin Poundcake with cream cheese frosting-This was pretty good.  The poundcake was dense but not dry.  It tasted like you'd expect.  The frosting was better than I thought it would be.  It had a terrific texture, creamy and thick. Click here to get almond flour.

Turnip Fries--I cut up half a turnip into strips like fries and fried them in frying pan with some lard, then sprinkled them with seasonings and had them with just a little ketchup.  I thought they were very good, much like very soft fries. 

Pizza Crust --I made only 1 serving.  I added 2 pinches of xanthan gum, didn't use oregano because we didn't have any. I substituted the flour with almond flour.  It turned out a bit too salty but it was pretty good.  I just made one serving andspread it out thin as to try and make a thin crust.  It wasn't crispy just thin and chewy.  I think it would work well for a low carb pizza.

Thin Crust Pizza Dough --I used a non-low carb recipe and simply substituted the flour with almond flour I have to say it tasted just like regular pizza dough.  I added about a 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum which helps thicken it up and increase elasticity.  Go here for the nutrition info.

Mixed Berry Muffins--I made these with blueberries and cranberries.   They turned out good in taste with a soft texture like that of regular muffins.  I did make a few mistakes though: 1-I should have used 1 cup rather than 2 cups of berries, 2-I should have used frozen berries, 3-I should have put less batter in the muffin cups.  So I ended up with some towering muffins that were kind of wet in the middle and with lots of gaps and holes.  I'll definitely want to try making these again minus the mistakes and see how much better they  turn out.  I am still pleased with this batch though, they are very good.  Go here for the nutrition info., go here to see a picture.  Click here for almond flour.

Shortbread cookies--I tried a sample amount of one serving.  I substituted the flour with almond flour and sugar with stevia.  I also added a little orange extract and xanthan gum and a dab of egg.  The mini cookies made from my altered mixture were better.  They tasted very good and had a crumply texture, very light and delicate.  Even my boyfriend liked these and believe me, he is the toughest critic!

Almond Flour Cookies --These were like the above recipe but not as delicate, pretty good, like a regular cookie.  Go here for the nutrition info.  Click here to get almond flour.

Basic Pancakes--I used a recipe at and just substituted the high carb ingredients with low carb ingredients (almond flour, sweetener, and cream instead of all purpose flour, sugar and milk).  I also added some cinnamon.  I made one serving and had to scale the recipe.  Because of difficulty dividing the egg and maybe not using enough it came out weak and didn't hold together well but it tasted exactly like a regular pancake, it was so good I practically inhaled it.  Go here for the nutrition info., go here to see a picture.


For these I used powdered erythritol.  I substituted the vanilla with several drops of bubblegum flavoring I bought at a cake and candy supply store.  It smelled and tasted fantastic!  Unfortunately, after baking the bubblegum flavor diminished but they were very good anyway.  They had a light brown layer over the top which was harder and denser and crispy, the inside was very soft and delicate.  These make a terrific snack and are very low in carbs and calories.  Click here for the nutrition info.

Xylitol is another good choice and may not make the meringues grainy or brittle like erythritol.


Nutrition Info.  I used a regular recipe and substituted flour for almond flour and erythritol for sugar, I didn't add nuts.  The brownies came out well in taste and I liked the texture although it was not like regular brownies, in other words they weren't chewy or bread like, they had a mild crispy texture, kind of reminded me of dry fudge. There were also a little too sweet because I added too much erythritol. I do really like these brownies, they're a little different in texture than traditional brownies but they are a good different.

Update: I made this recipe again but instead of erythritol I used splenda, it adds more carbs but they came out soft and cakey like regular brownies.  They were pretty good. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These were very very good.  I adapted the recipe from one on  I used almond flour instead of flour, splenda instead of sugar, brown sugar twin instead of brown sugar and sugar free chocolate chips.  These came out perfectly, soft and chewy with a little crispiness on the edges.  These are very sweet and chocolatey.  I highly recommend these cookies and plan to make them again, next time doubling the recipe.  Click here to see the nutrition info.  For the chocolate chips, I recommend making your own sugar free chocolate with splenda.  Here is a recipe (scroll down to Karen's chocolate).  If you are past induction or can handle sugar alcohols, then go ahead and get the already made sugar free chocolate chips, but beware eating too many of them as the sugar alcohols have a laxitive effect.

Pumpkin Pie

I didn't use the packet of Sweet n Low it called for but this recipe came out great.  It looked and tasted just like regular pumpkin pie.  Very very good stuff, it went very quickly.  This recipe is a must for Thanksgiving! I used almond flour for the crust, click here to get some!

Almond Flour Pound Cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

The cake didn't turn out soft and fluffy and it didn't rise because I forgot the directions and mixed all the dry ingredients the day before I made it.  I have since learned why my cake turned out dense and did not rise, the most important step in the baking process, creaming the butter with the splenda, was left out.  To see why this is so important in making a cake, go here.  Other than that, it tasted good.  The frosting was dissapointing but I'm not a big cream cheese fan.  It was ok but not as good as I was hoping for. I'll try something different for the frosting next time, maybe a butter cream frosting or something using egg whites.  Click here to get almond flour.

Carrot Cake and Buttercream Cream Cheese Frosting

First, the cake.  I made at least one mistake by using whipped butter which I just learned today you are not supposed to do.  The cake was softer this time, a nicer texture not as dry but still came out flat, it didn't rise at all.  I wonder if I would have done better if I had used regular butter instead of whipped and maybe baking powder instead of soda.  The cake tasted pretty good, much better than the last one.  It has a somewhat strong spice cake flavor.  The frosting wasn't the best I had tasted but a huge improvement on previous low carb frosting attempts.  The cream cheese taste wasn't too strong (I hate that strong cream cheese taste), much milder.  It was actually good.  It's like pudding in appearance and texture and without the cream cheese I'm sure it would have tasted like pudding.  It was like cream cheese pudding.  What I like about this frosting is that it firms up in the refrigerator and you can put plastic wrap over it and it won't smear.  I wish I had a camera to take a picture of this cake because it looked great.  I decorated it by coloring the leftover frosting, some orange and some green.  I made two carrots in the center and did a pattern around the side.  Click here for nutrition info.  Click here for almond flour.

Almond Milk/Cream

I just put some slivered almonds in the blender and added water until it came out to the consistency I wanted.  It came out like cream but you can make it thinner just by adding more water.  I poured it into a strainer over a bowl and let the cream drain out.  There was somewhat of a creamy paste left in the strainer. I thought it looked neat, just like cream but when I tasted it I could detect the small almond particles.  It was like cream with a nice almondy flavor.  I used it in my homemade caramel and it tasted great, actually, that's an understatement.  This makes a great dairy substitute. 

Homemade caramel

This caramel is crunchy.  The crunchiness or softeness of it depends on how much butter and almond milk or cream you add.  Although it's not stretchy like traditional caramel and doesn't stick to your teeth, it tastes like caramel, if not better.  This homemade delight has become my favorite candy.  It's also the most legal candy I can have.  Why you might ask?  Because it's made with erythritol.  It also is dairy free which helps since dairy is a known staller and bad for candida (yeast).  I have found a most enjoyable candy that won't make me gain! 

Xylitol is another option you might want to consider for meringues and candy making.

You can powder granulated erythritol simply by grinding it in the blender until a smooth, powdery consistency is reached.

To make almond flour, just put plain almonds in a blender and grind to a fine consistency (but before it turns into butter).  Then you can sift it out and get a real nice, soft, fine almond flour and the unsifted is large grains of almond, like an almond meal.  If you don't want to do it yourself (and I'll admit, the sifting process has proven time consuming depending on how much of the fine particles you want to get out and cleaning the strainer because of oil buildup), then you can buy fine, blanched almond flour from here.
=My absolute favorites
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