Low Carb Inspiration

So, you're not sure if you want to embark on the low carb journey....

I highly recommend adopting the low carb lifestyle.  Not just for people with poor health or weight problems.  Low carb is the way to go because it is natural and won't lead to health problems like the high carb, processed junk food diet that most people eat.

You will discover new foods, you will be creative and inventive.  You will discover a whole new world that you never even knew existed.  Foods you may not have heard of or considered may become your new best friend.  There are so many new and exciting things waiting for you on this journey that you didn't believe were possible. 

You will also discover a new you, more energetic, clearer-headed, fit and confident.  You will get to experience a wide range of benefits.  Let me just give you a list of the benefits (other than weight loss) which I have often seen reported by low carbers:

1. Increased muscle
2. Stronger hair and nails
3. Clear skin
4. No gas or indigestion (food combining helps this as well)
5. Disapperance of fungal/yeast infections
6. More energy
7. No more brain fog
8. Reversal of some diseases
9. Lowered cholesterol and triglycerides
10. Improvement in mood
11. Disappearance of cravings and hunger
12. Improvement in joint and/or muscle movement
13. Improvement in moderate exercise performance and endurance
14. Disappearance of heart burn
15. Disappearance of headaches
16. No more bloating
17. Improvement with thyroid condition
18. Improvement with diabetes
19. Sleep better
20. Reduced PMS symptoms
21. Increased libido
22. No more fatigue

A large number of people say that switchng to low carb is the best thing they ever did because they feel better than they ever have and wouldn't go back to their previous eating habits.  See my success stories page to read about people's experiences.  You should also check out this thread on the lowcarbfriends forum.

People have had more success on this way of eating.  Many find this way of life satisfying and easy to maintain.  Variation and a wide range of enjoyable foods will help you to stick with the low carb lifestyle.  You will not experience hunger or depreivation.  The foods you will be eating are highly satisfying and will fill you up. 

For just about every high carb junk food on the market, there is a low carb subsitutue.  Splenda and stevia are 2 substitutes for sugar, almond flour can be substituted for flour.  There are many ways to create amazing mouthwatering entrees and desserts using low carb substitutes and they don't even have to include soy or protein powders. 

In case you were wondering, snacking is not out of the question either.  There are healthy, low carb options for you to enjoy.  Pork rinds are an example, they go great with almost anything, such as cheese sauce or salsa (find the lowest carb brands, TacoBell and Tostitos are the ones I use). 

You may not like pork rinds, I didn't like them at first.  I gave them another chance when I got serious about low carb and needed something to snack on and at first I didn't like them, however, after a while of eating them anyway, something funny happened, they grew on me and became a regular snack food, I dipped them in cheese, salsa and peanut butter and loved it. 

Another delishious option are macadamia nuts, they are lower in carbs than other nuts and most of it is fiber.  There are many low carb snacks out there ranging from hard candy to chocolate (these do have sugar alcohols, usually maltitol, however, so you may want to wait to have these on premaintenance or maintenance in Atkins).  You could make a mini pizza with a big portabella mushroom topped with a tomato slice (or premade low carb pizza/pasta sauce) and cheese.

These are just a few snacking ideas but you will find many more I'm sure.  This life-long diet is only as boring as you make it!  Just because you can't have some things, doesn't mean you have to live without variety.  There are just as many interesting foods, meals and recipes in a low carb diet, which are as pleasing or even more so, as on a high carb diet.  This way of eating can be as simple or creative as you want it to be. 

Some people find that after a week or two, they don't care as much about food.  It is possible that you'll soon forget about snacking and not even think about it.  The fat and protein you'll be getting will help you stay satisfied and suppress appetite. 

The low carb lifestyle is not just for weight loss, but an overall improvement in health and quality of life.  There are many fellow low carbers out there you can talk to and get support and encouragement.  If you decide to go for it, I wish you the best of luck, don't give up whatever you do. 

Be sure to visit my Food & Nutrition page for recipes, snack ideas and more! 
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