Super Foods
Foods to include in your diet for health and beauty

Bone Broth:

Homemade Supplement & Super Food: Bone Broth (Note: the article claims store bought chicken bones won't gel, however I know this to be false as I make broth from store bought chicken on a regular basis.  One thing I'm doing now is saving bones from dinner in the freezer and then I make a broth with them-and it makes a very thick, very firm gel)

Avocados (15% niacin, 22% vit B6, 8% thiamin, 29% vit C, 18% vit E, 13% riboflavin, 12% manganese, 16% copper, 13 % magnesium)

Sweet/Bell Peppers, especial red, orange and yellow-very high in vitamin c

Canned Salmon with skin and bones (10-13% calcium; values FitDay: Fish, salmon, sockeye, canned, drained solids with bone, 108 % vit D, 22% niacin, 18% phosphorous, 28% selenium, 6% vit E, 7% riboflavin,  52% B12, 4% copper, magnesium & zinc)

Cod Liver Oil-high in vit a and d