Raw Animal Food Experiences
This information was compiled from a survey on my raw chat site.  As of 2/28/03, I've added 2 new questions to the survey: previous diet and health condition.  If you have a suggestion for another question to add to the survey, email me with "RAF survey" in the subject.

#1  Age:  24

Length of experience: 1 year on and off

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "fruits and veggies and local raw honey plus raw nuts and seeds and raw spices"

Health improvements: "very much so"

Detox Symptoms: "when i drank alot of raw cows milk about half gallon aday i became very tired and sleepy ALL of the time."

Acclimation to raw meat: "i love it i crave it..."

Comments: "raw primal is the truth, iv researched most of my life and iv always had setbacks but not with this diet it is truth..."

#2 Age: 40

Length of experience: 3 months

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, pork, buffalo, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: raw bee pollen, raw honey (both daily) water (approx. 30 ozs. daily)

Health Improvements: "more energy, never feel hungry and I eat less sleep is much deeper hip pain greatly reduced bowel movements normalized"

Detox Symptoms: "mild nausea(once a week), mild sinus congestion (every couple of weeks), very mild headaches (once a month)"

Acclimation to raw meat: "I moved from a 100% raw vegan diet to the primal diet.  So when  I first ate raw  meat it actually tasted good. Raw fish was even better. I found that the more fat content in the raw meat, the better tasting it is. My favorite is raw lamb. It has a high content of fat.  Also, I would eat the raw meat with raw butter mixed in with it. I like the natural taste of it."

Comments: "I believe because the raw animal foods are nutrient-dense, I am nourishing every cell in my body. On the raw  vegan diet, I was always hungry. With adding the raw animal foods in my diet, my belly is always content."

#3 Age: 18

Length of experience: 1.5 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, pork, lamb, venison, buffalo, emu, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "Raw bee pollen, unheated honey, some fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh herbs (often juiced), coconut cream, sprouted nuts and seeds used in nutmilks and butters on occasion."

Health Improvements: "I had cronic fatigue for years, and severe allergies always sick with colds and constant sinus infections.  My fatigue and sinus infections are now 100% gone! and even more surprising I find I'm not allergic to more and more things as time goes by, dust and pollen, nothing phases me anymore.  I have continuous energy, and just a constant feeling of being alive and awake to everything around me.  I began as a frutarian for about 6 months, health began to decline rapidly and went to raw vegan for about a year following and then began RAVF diet."

Detox Symptoms: "Detox symptoms have been for me mild, the first month there was some nausea and weakness/dizziness, just stayed in bed.  After that I had a sore throat that lasted for almost a month and a half, alot of coughing congestion and sleepiness from raw milk.  Then it was over, no sore throat or congestions, and I'm never tired.  During these detoxes, (and a lot of mental/emotional detoxing as well) I felt many times to give up and return to raw vegan but I stuck it out, and within a few months it was over.  I think it takes about a year before you start really feeling balanced and natural with this diet, by then most detoxes have subsided and their is a growing recognition and familiarity as time goes by - you never stop learning."   

Acclimation to raw meat:  "I had no problems becoming accustomed to the taste of raw meat, after constant hunger from protein/fat starvation on fruitarian and raw vegan diets I finally feel satisfied."

Comments: "I am content with the results, research and time taken over the last 3 years experience with raw diets, I feel able to say my journey has come to its denouement.  There really is no further to go - "happy is he who knows the causes of things but has not lost touch with their beginnings."

#4 Age: 39

Length of experience: 20 years on and off

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: I also eat lots of Swiss chard and kale, but I cook it.  I just can't handle the taste of it raw.  (Raw spinach I like.) I cook my bacon also.

Health Improvements: "Better everything. :)  Near elimination of my allergies has "been the best part.  They were reeeeeeeally bad."

Detox Symptoms: none

Acclimation to raw meat: "I have always liked the taste "of raw beef.  I used to steal chunks of raw stew meat from my mom when she was fixing dinner, and she'd always say, "That's fine for now, but just don't ever do that if you get pregnant."  I'll have to ask her about that.  I've tried raw liver, but didn't like it.  Raw chicken is OK, but just not super yummy like raw red meat and sashimi are."

Comments: "I just want to say that this isn't a new thing.  It cycles around.  Around the turn of the century (meaning 1900, not 2000) there were several raw restaurants in Los Angeles.  Juliano ain't no trailblazer."

#5   Age: 21

Length of experience: 1 year and 3 or 4 months on and off

Foods eaten raw: Beef, poultry, fish, "lamb goat and hopefully deer", eggs, cream, butter, cheese

Other foods eaten: "Kefir and and occasionally homemade wines. I need to perfect my raw honey mead(the last one turned into vinegar though I though the kefir grains would regulate this), have made cabbage rejuvalac, other rejuvalacs, like wheat rejuvalac.  Kim chee(from rejuvantive foods and my own version, that wasn't as soft and good) Sour krout(homemade)."

Health improvements: "Warts gone. Weight gain(after raw vegan diet), and wieght loss (after eating cooked meats and having occasional beers and other alcoholic drinks.)"

Detox Symptoms: "occassional diarrhea. Specifically in connection to large quantities of fresh raw milk, strong gas also. However these are occasional symptoms. I have never experienced syntoms which I could associate to raw meats. I have had strong cleansing symtoms when I drunk both raw potato juice and raw unripe papaya juice."

Acclimation to raw meat: "At first it needed flavoring, but it wasn't bad. After that I developed a taste for raw beef and lamb fairly quickly. One time I salted some veal ribs and left them out. In about 2 days they tasted delicious, like cheese almost. It had a funky but not all together nasty smell."

Comments: "I have had beef stomach, beef heart, liver and kidney. I intend to get some raw grass-fed sources for pancreas(for those digestive enzymes, proven healers), eyes, brain, adrenal glands, tounge and testicles(I've heard they have a somewhat inexplicable effect on the male body, makes sense). I recommend kefir, from real kefir grains. The stuff is delicious. You can culture cream with it too or strain it in a cloth to make a cream kefir cheese. I don't know what i would do without it. Making  yoghurt in the summer by letting the milk clabber up for 1 or 2 days, especially in the sun and then chilling it in the frig. for about 1 or 2 days(you'll have to scoop some slimy stuff off of the top) is reallly fun and makes a delicioius yoghurt. I haven't tried the high meat, though I intend to. For a while I was eating the raw fat back from pigs at the local supermarket. I read that they put preservatives in this fat, and I didn't like the oversalty taste from the oversalting anyway. I've been trying to follow the diet better. I notice also that my farts stink, almost like trash, when I eat alot of raw eggs or raw fish. Similar experiences anyone? Oh and I love fish bones and other bones(like chicken bones and lamb bones) that I can chew on.'

#6  Age: 21

Length of experience: 1.5 roughly on and off

Foods eaten raw: Beef, poultry, fish, lamb and goat, eggs, cream, milk, butter, cheese

Other foods eaten: "raw honey, and occasional raw honey mead, raw wines, raw rejuvalac and fermented veggies like raw kim chee and sourkrout (I make the sour krout). raw yoghurt and kefirs (with kefir grains) also. ALso other fermented milk products that can be likened only to yoghurt. ANd raw and dried fruits occasionally(I try to restrict these, especially the fruits to seasons). i occasionally eat raw nuts that are soaked also. The off and on nature of the diet has not been to sever. I go straight for a long time on raw foods and then I start eating cooked foods. I recently had boiled potatoes and sauted onions because of a dream i had where i was eateing these things for an "okay" reason that was not in opposition to my dietary betterment(according to the feelings I experienced during the dream).  I also used regular spices, and rock and sea salt. Oh, and I occasionally use chinese fermented shrimp sauce(which also has alot of, i think, regular salt in it). I also drink raw veggie juices and fresh pressed raw fruit juices like grapefruit and organge(from Whole Foods Markets), and I press my own carrot juice, I pressed zuchinni juice once(supposed to be good for allergies,),string bean, sweet potato, collard greens and spinach juices. I have been leaving the veggies along because I am not finanically well off enough to get the organic veggies available to me, nor tell if they are high brix veggies, which I have learned is an indicator of quality."

Health improvements: "warts gone. Weight stabilization. I haven't seen the resolution of my mildly swollen tonsils or right nasal gland. ANd occasional (monthly, bimonthly or trimonthly heart palpitations with incredibly fast pulse) I'm still waiting."

Detox Symptoms: "Had a wierd symption where my hands starting tingling after I ate a quart of raw cream and went to a comedy show where I laughed alot. I get what seems to be sneezing fits on and off. When I drink about a half-gallon  (3 cups or more) of raw milk, I get terrible gas and slight diarhea. I was nauseated and vomited once after eating raw atlantic salmon and mild together. I also get light headed occasionally."

Acclimation to raw meat:  "I also switched from a raw vegan diet. The first couple times I ate been i need flavoring. Then i aclimated quite well. I  began to be able to eat beef alone. Also chicken and lamb. I like fatty pieces of meat also. I know that regular supermarkent beef and organic beef have different tastes. The organic is better. The grass fed beef I've bought seems too lean, but tastes better than both other beefs even though it was frozen. The grassfed liver tastes different then the store bought liver. Regular store bought liver is sweeter for some reason. I like it better than the grass-fed liver. The grass-fed liver had a funkiness about it that the supermarket liver didn't have. I tried to look at it as a good thing and chowed down.   Goat, though tough is pretty good. Chili and ginger powders really give it even good taste. It has a funky but good taste too. I just recently had some grass fed lamb that had a zing to it, which I've never experienced with meats, only fermented    veggie foods.  Overall, I've come to love raw meats. ANd even during the periods where I was eating cooked meats I never gave up raw meat(especially beef, though I did give up chicken for a while, now I'm back to it). Ground buffalo is also really    good, with yogurt, old bay spice and black pepper corns."


#7  Age: 31

Length of experience:  3 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: Beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten:
Health improvements:
Detox Symptoms:    
Acclimation to raw meat:   

#8 Age: 54   
Length of experience: new
Foods eaten raw:  beef, oysters, eggs, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "Eating mostly raw vegetarian the past 3 mos, further away from cooked anything daily."

Health improvements: "Feeling clearer"
Detox Symptoms: "Have lost 1/3 body wt in 3 mos due (?) to diet change and disease"
Acclimation to raw meat:  "I'm really new to this, have life threatening illness, have come across Aajonus' books, beginning to experiment"

Comments: "Eating raw meats is so radically contrary to my background"

#9 Age: 41   
Length of experience: a few weeks, consistent

Foods eaten raw:  beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter, cheese, olive oil, celery, tomatoes

Other foods eaten: coffee and something cooked for one meal

Health improvements: more calm, happy, and better memory
Detox Symptoms: the runs every now and then
Acclimation to raw meat: does not have to much of a taste - must use a sauce
Comments: there is something to this way of eating - that's for sure

#10 Age: 32   
Length of experience: 5 years, consistent
Foods eaten raw:  beef, eggs

Other foods eaten: extra rare beef
Health improvements: "no real change"
Detox Symptoms: none    
Acclimation to raw meat: I began liking rare to verry rare steaks, prime rib and lamb roasts a few years ago I have taken some ribbing from coworkers and some members of my family about eating "raw meat". I have always liked my eggs "sunny side up" but have the last few years used raw eggs in fruit smoothies, homemade icecream, homemade mayo etc. some people freek out when I tell them that.I only tasted completley raw meat (a very small
peice) once while cutting steaks from a large roast "beef", it didnt taste bad but it wasn't particulary flavorfull
either.wich is how i feel about the inside of a very rare steak that did't realy get cooked at all.Like next to the
bone. I would like to try steak tartar in a resteraunt but I live in a fairly rural area so that isn't an option.


#11  Age:  23

Length of experience: 2 months, consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, beef fat, cheese, eggs

Other foods eaten: "ocassionaly I eat a cooked chicken brochette"

Previous diet and health condition: constipation

Health improvements: "no constipation anymore"

Detox Symptoms: tiredness, sleepiness

Acclimation to raw meat: easy

#12  Age: 41

Length of experience: 1 month consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk and cheese

Other foods eaten: "I've had some cooked foods too."

Previous diet and health condition: "I'm doing this to detoxify and cure a lower back disc problem."

Health improvements: "It may be too early to tell but I feel very satisfied after eating this food.  Digestion is better. Sleeping like a baby.  Good energy which is usual for me but I'm running well."

Detox Symptoms: "Again may be a little early to tell, but I've been coughing and sneezing more...I'm generally not a person who does this -- generally no allergies or sinus problems.  I want to detox my intestinal system....don't know if I am."

Acclimation to raw meat: "I've always eaten sushi...so raw fish wasn't a problem and I was amazed at how much I liked the raw beef.  It is quite good. Texture is still a bit strange for me, but I'm finding it has alot more flavor.  I am still having problems even trying chicken but am getting closer."

Comments: "Would love more input on detoxifying symptoms and how I will know. "


#13  Age:  38

Length of experience: ~ 1 year consistently

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "bee pollen, some cooked food as well and also cooked starches with butter as in his book"

Previous diet and health condition: "Health condition was improving but there were some point that were a problem for me.  Gallbladder was a real problem that I could keep down to a small problem if I was really careful with what I ate."

Health improvements: "Huge health improvements.  The raw butter, cheese and dairy products instantly helped my gallbladder and my entire body.  I started to feel stronger, more energetic etc. and my gallbladder is finally all better"

Detox Symptoms: "Not really anything huge, however, I have a sauna in my house and sit in it daily so I detox in a controlled manner every day.  This probably lessens the need to detox in a more dramatic way."

Acclimation to raw meat: "Sometimes I really crave it and sometimes I don't.  I still can't stomach the thought of raw chicken or pork yet so I don't try to.  Raw filet mignon is really easy to get down especially with some tartare sauce and I make sashimi or go and get it regularly.

Comments: "My consistency has been with the dairy products.  I try to eat 1 raw meat meal per day and when I am able to do that I feel really good.  I can't say that food doesn't taste better to me cooked but I really do see how the raw food has been good to me.  For a while I worried every time about getting sick etc. but that evidently is just BS.  I have found that what Vanderplanitz says about eating the food is true.  Recently I got lazy for a few days and didn't eat raw and ate cooked and then a few days later realized that I had gone back to being tired during the day etc.  If you want more energy and to feel a lot better then do the raw thing."

#14  Age:  75

Length of experience: "just started"

Foods eaten raw: beef, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "Potato fried in coconut oil, gren tea,farina,green veg.juice,cooked meat occasionally,bread and hot dogs a few times.eggs 10 doz in ten days."

Previous diet and health condition:

Health improvements: "I cant tell at the moment.Just two weeks into RAF my chronic brochitis or COPD seems a little better"

Detox Symptoms: "whenstarted on RAF went into detox almost immediatley: sneezing,runny nose,chronic coughing
and wanting to sleep or rest constantly.The detox was much too intense and after 2 weeks of pure RAF, I started introducing Carbs to slowit down.  The detox was too sudden and too intense.Being retired and being able to stay in bed all day helped. I dont think a working person or a person with outside obligations could put up with it."

Acclimation to raw meat: "The only meat I ate was supermarket groung meat at the rate of 2/3 lb. per day. Not having access to organic sources ofmeat,that is the only one I trusted.I had access to fertile eggs and raw milk.At my age, it will take a little getting used to."

Comments: "The closest source of organic meat is 81 miles away.and the expense of the meat itself,would make it prohitive for people for people on low fixed income like me to afford it."

#15  Age: 38

Length of experience: 7 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, organ meats, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "green vegie juices, fruits, mostly oranges, nuts and seeds occassionally according to Ajonus' books"

Previous Diet and Health Condition:

Health improvements: "Incredible strength and energy, welcome weight gain of 25 pounds the first two months, mostly muscle, mental focus and clarity greatly improveed."

Detox Symptoms: "Low energy and a few virus's for two months straight. At first difficulty with constipation and intestinal cramping but then incredible digestion, ellimination."

Acclimation to raw meat: "Do not like the tast, but have adapted. It is worth it to have the promise of good health. Kind of accept a different approach to food and sensation around food. Feel satisfied even though the taste is bland or repulsive at times. Not easy socially."


#17  Age: 23

Length of experience: 2 weeks consistent

Foods eaten raw: cream, butter, milk and cheese

Other foods eaten: "Fruits and veggies - raw eaten constantly nuts - raw eaten regularly"

Previous Diet and Health Condition:

Health improvements: "Improved energy/sleeping habits.  Weight loss."

Detox Symptoms: "Felt like I had the flu for the first ten days, very tired, cold all the time (still having this one), light headaches"

Acclimation to raw meat:

Comments: "This is not really a raw meat diet, but it does include raw dairy products.  This is my favorite part of my diet.  I am still overweight, but I have lost 10 lbs. in two weeks and am feeling much better now that detox is over"


#18  Age: 4 (This is for someone's pets)

Length of experience: year and a half consistent

Foods eaten raw: poultry

Other foods eaten:

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I thought this was for animals.  Sorry.  My cat, deral, became very ill about two years ago.  Huge vet bills, iv daily at home, meds, meds and more meds.  Finally, I took the bull by the horns and read up on raw diets for cats.  Now all my animals are eating raw chicken with the bones ground up and skin and everything.  Did you know that cats require 30% fat in the diets?"

Health improvements: "All is well.  No more iv, no more meds, cat is fat and sassy and all other animals have also shown signs of improved health."

Detox Symptoms: "None.  It's more natural for them.  Processed foods were killing them.  We have also revamped our diets too.  No more trans fats, processed foods, etc."

Acclimation to raw meat: "I love rare steak, so I could probably eat beef raw. Not anything else though".



#19  Age: 39

Length of experience: 2 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, lamb

Other foods eaten: "I consume lots of raw nuts (almonds, peanuts,peacons), I had a vegie-beef stew made mostly from beef neck bones twice (I felt tired after cooked food so I stoped eating it), I consume lots of prunes to help with constipation, vegtable juices ( had to stop vegie juice for now, I get painfull diarrhea), apples, whole green vegies - once a week. All live vegies and fruits give me the runs. Lemons. Coconut oil , peanut oil , olive oil. Raw Unheated honey (I mix honey with coconut oil and snack on it during the day). Whey protien. Eldorado Springs spring water ( I live close by so I can buy it in local stores or go to the source. The water coming out of the rock is about 2000 years old and rated #1 in the world for taste and purity). Suplements : licorice root, Stone Free to prevent Gallblader stones, B-complex. Primal Defense soil based organism (beneficial bacteria)to help rebuild my devestated digestive track. Bananas only when I'm on the go outside for some time. Some spices."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I eat mostly raw beef, buffalo, lamb and salmon. I tried chicken ,but I've got salmonela infection of my lower colon that gave me runs for 7 days with painfull cramping, othervice I felt strong during this episode. Since then I some time flesh my 2inch thick steak in hot peanut/olive oil for about 2 seconds each side.
In last 20 years my health was going gradualy down the hill, at first mostly exhoustion and lack of endurance. That have evolve into accute tiredness, multiple food alergies (tomatoes, brocolli, gluten from wheat,rye, barley, oat. Soy)
My GI found that a have the only bug that can survive stomach acid, helicobacter Pylori for which I have recieved multitude of harsh Antibiotics treatments, which have ruined my digestive track. leaving it swollen from stomach down in to my colon. I lost 30 pounds in two weeks, before the swelling went down. Since my simptoms did not improve after the treatment my GI ran HYDA scan on my liver/gallblader and found that my gallblader is functioning only at 16% causing bile to empty into my duadenum after the food has passed by causing irritation to it and backing up into my stomach causing gastritis.

Health improvements: "First after 2nd week I have noticed increase in energy and endurance. on 4th week I noticed pink returning into my face, where gray and white pale was dominating. My gllblader is going crazy, but at least I know that there is lots of bile flowing through to keep it from clogging up. After introduction of raw fat (coconut oil, meat source, and raw cheese) my duadenum burning went away."

Detox Symptoms: "My detox started with Primal Defense ( a soil based organism) which was feeling very tired. That lasted first 3 weeks. Then about month later I have learned about Primal Diet. At first I started with raw eggs - that have given me temporary tiredness after eating them, so I have reduced my intake to 6 eggs per day. My tiredness have lasted 4 hours at a time, know after 8 weeks in came down to 2 hours after. So it is improving. I also have roting smell gas mostly after eggs and vegies consumed on the same day. My most severe symptom was salmanela infection after eating raw chicken ( I had chicken breast 4 times in the week ) which was painfull movement cramping which lasted for about 7 days. The most severe were only for 4 days. No vomiting or bloating was associated with it. Though there
were 2 days of runs that were 1.5 hours appart. Lets just say I had to take one day off from work."

Acclimation to raw meat: "I started with raw eggs in a smoothie, that waspleasent, but then I went to plain whiped eggs since the sweet with eggs was primary cause for my tiredness after the eggs. I liked uncooked yolks for long time so this was no problem for me. Then I moved on to salmon. I found salmon very tender and salmon fat was very pleasing to taste. But I can only afford supermarket salmon and soon came to taste the preservative that they coat the fish with which was repulsive to taste. So I tried lamb thinking that the lamb was more likely raised naturaly. The taste was offending, so I just blended it some honey and coconut oil and apples. Until I purchased one form Whole Foods which was more expensive, but it was natural and it tasted much better. Then I tried buffalo and boy that tasted even better. And then I had free range grass fed beef, and it was the best tasting meat I had. I mostly eat it fresh raw no spice and no lemon. If it looks questionable I sprincle generous amouts of turmeric and garlic powder and drawn it in
lemon juice. Sometimes I flesh sizle it in peanut/olive oil mix for about 2 seconds each side on a nice 2inch thick steak
cut, making it extra rare. It just taste better warm, then cold from refrigerator. I even will now and then put litle
peanut oil on the dish with the raw steak, it makes it taste better too. Now when I walk by the meat section I find my self salivating at the sight of raw meat except the chicken even though it just melts in your mouth as you work your seliva through it.  I also have tried fresh tuna fish. Now that was super good. It was a tender slightly acidic taste, and it made me feel very good. That is something to selivate for. I slept well and felt very good all of the next day."

Comments: "Over all I think there is something to this raw meat diet. It seems to do what it advertises. I certainly will stick with it. Even though I found the smell of freshly baked pizza irrisistible, but thanks to my wheat and tomato alergies, I will not partake in it. I feel satisfied after a raw steak and I sleep like a lion even though I only consumed it one hour before going to bed, unlike with cooked meat that will have you tosing and turning most of the night."


#20  Age: 20

Length of experience: 3 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish

Other foods eaten: beef fat, "In only 3 months, I lose 15 lbs, from 155 lbs to 140 lbs. And I started being addict to chips (lays, doritos, mostly). So I realized I needed something more : fat. Animal fat. And not hydrogenized vegetable oil.In the grocery store : just ask the butcher : he'll give you a lot of fat for FREE. I eat somes lemons. Sometimes I eat apples."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "For 3 years I pretended being a vegetarian, and tried to pursue something like this. I was eating lot of fruits, lot of pastas, lot of beans, and some eggs. I was always hungry and my health condition was really bad. I was always thinking about food, food, food, and food...  I was using bathrooms to shit 4 to 5 times a day. I was always constipated, and my back was always sweating. After several months, I developped warts on my back, and i fell very ill for 3 months (mononucleosis : doctor loves speaking of malnutrition as a viruses). My mother
had o take me at home and feed me. I get a bit well I after several months and I continued my vegetarian diet. My back
were very hurtful, and the anal warts were becoming more and more proeminant."

Health improvements: "I've never been so joyful about life. Now, instead of being hungry-psychotic all the day about my next dinner, my mind is free to enjoy other things. Now I can concentrate on the real purpose of my life. I'm NEVER hungry. My anal warts are COMPLETELY gones. No more ACNE."

Detox Symptoms: "Abolutely no symptoms"

Acclimation to raw meat: "In the begginning I was afraid about raw beef meat. So I was cooking it a lot. I started cooking it less, and one day, I was eating it completely raw."

Comments: "I eat one time a day, in the evening. During the day, I drink my self-made lemon juice.  If I don't respect my diet (like eating dairy products), my back start to sweat and to be hurtful.  Someone in the tread were talking about eggs and gas that stink... I agree.  In this new diet I have the chance to do some tests. My face gets red when I eat eggs. I became stupid when a eat dairy products, to much sugar..."


#21  Age: 61

Length of experience: 5 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "I eat bread and potatoes regularly. Also raw;nuts, green beans, quince, asparagus, zucchini and a delicious carob chewy ball recipe. Lots of raw goat's milk."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "Normally healthy, poor then. the diet got me back on track and after that my health stayed the same - not brilliant but good."

Health improvements:  "Much improved mental stamina. And physical, able to do lots of  walking. Have no big health problems. Want to prevent developing asthma etc."

Detox Symptoms: none

Acclimation to raw meat: "Cut meat or fish very finely, and mixed it with finely cut onions. Tonight I combined sauerkraut and avocado and mustard with trout, very nice."

Comments: "It's the most anti-social thing i've ever done and i am thoroughly delighted. It's not a lot of work and is great for camping. Sushi and steak tartare make good socially-accepted meals. "


#22  Age: 32

Length of experience: 5 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cream, milk, butter, cheese

Other foods eaten: Raw honey, raw vegetable juices, some fruit, wild vegetables, weeds, beer (unpastuerized and unfiltered), wild apples and wild berries. 

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "Instinctive diet, about 7 years total, started as a vegan, but I was always hungry.  It cleaned me out initially, but the diet that heals is not necessarily the diet that sustains.  About 30 different aches and pains before changing my diet.  I couldn't do much of anything, eyes hurt from sunlight, ears from loud noises, many muscle and soft tissue pains.  No REM sleep, constantly woke up tired, teeth hurt, a varicoscele-yuck!  Hair was falling out, acne, high blood pressure, I could go on, but you get the idea."

Health improvements:  "Don't wear eyeglasses anymore, aches and pains healed. Sleep a full night, wake up rested, itches went away, adapt better to heat and cold, not cold in winter, or hot in summer.  Improved circulation overall, low blood pressure, no dry skin, more calm, stronger than I have ever been."

Detox Symptoms: "Detoxes varied, in the beginning (first 3-4 years) more severe.  Headaches, loss of ambition, sleep-a lot sometimes, sometimes hardly slept at all.  Constipation, bloating, old aches and pains hurt.  Sense of nervousness or coldness, or warmth about me.  Went to the bathroom a lot, #1 and #2.  Bloody noses, eye pains (sty), no circulation to fingertips for a few minutes, happened a few times.  Headaches, but not too often, sick about once a year-couldn't get out of bed.  This year didn't really happen for the first time!"

Acclimation to raw meat: "The first time (3 years ago) I ate a steak with a knife and fork, put down the utensils and picked up the steak with bare hands after one bite!  I sunk my teeth into it and loved it.  Haven't eaten steak in quite a while.  I eat ground sirloin regularly!  "

Comments: "Getting in tune with one's body is the most valuable gift you can be given by g-d.  If you accept this gift and listen to g-d you will receive more than you could have ever imagined!  I wouldn't do anything else!"


#23  Age: 47

Length of experience: 11 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, pork, snake( viper, rattle, boa.), eggs, cream, butter, cheese

Other foods eaten: "vegies, once a week along with plain nuts and berries."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I was a tri-athlon for 14 tears, depending on foods that allowed me to run,swim and bike by providing a more than generous amount of carbs."

Health improvements: "The only health improvements i have seen are, were mental. Clearity. Open thoughts flowed."

Detox Symptoms: "frequent and loose bowel movements, vomiting, infection at first then i adapted."

Acclimation to raw meat: "right from the begining i loved it."

Comments: "it is adicting."


#24  Age: 44

Length of experience: 5 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, poultry, turkey, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "I have 1 cooked meal a day"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I have not seen any drastic changes yet."

Health improvements:  none yet

Detox Symptoms: none yet

Acclimation to raw meat: "it was very diffcult for me to get used to this idea,I now finally have found a palatable way to eating it and I consume a fistful each day, the raw dairy was easier to get used to."

Comments: "I want to hear from other people my email is manjusworld@yahoo.com "


#25  Age: 43

Length of experience: one and one half years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, vegetable juice, eggs cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "I drink allot of juice made with celery and parsley almost, every day"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I had tried many diets and several different supplements and just wasn't happy with the results. I also noticed that my energy levels had started to drop as I aged which I did not like sine I have always been a very active person physically." 

Health improvements:  "My energy has increased dramatically and I rarely feel cold any more. I also have gained about fifteen pounds where as in the past I had a very hard time gaining weight. I also had a scrape
on my leg that refused to heal completely for quite some time, after being on the diet for about eight months it cleared up. "

Detox Symptoms: "Just the basic: occasional head ache, some skin eruptions, most
of what you would expect from other detox programs."

Acclimation to raw meat: "Even to this day I would much rather eat cooked food but I have come to accept that I eat to nourish my body not to burden it."



#26  Age: 45

Length of experience: 2 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter,

Other foods eaten: "Miso soup once in a blue moon. The warmth comforts me when I'm stressed"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I've always eaten healthfully. The only difference between my diet then and now is that I cooked my foods before and no longer do so."

Health improvements:  "My skin is amazing. Only 2 months of eating this way and my skin GLOWS. More energy"

Detox Symptoms: "Headaches happened a little in the beginning, but I assume that was from quitting caffeine"

Acclimation to raw meat: "I was always the one who people made fun of for eating raw hamburger meat OVER and OVER. When friends and I would go out to dinner, I would order steak tartare, so this change in diet was simply a natural evoloution!!"

Comments: "I wish I could get everyone I know to eat this way!"


#27  Age: 33

Length of experience: 1 year on and off

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "all cooked, rice, veggies and bread/pasta"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "very tired all the time"

Health improvements:  "increased energy and alertness"

Detox Symptoms:

Acclimation to raw meat: "had to get over the slimy-ness of eggs and coldness of raw meat. not too bad now"



#28  Age: 19

Length of experience: 1 year consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, eggs, lamb, chicken liver, oysters, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "I drink a lot of green and black teas. Occasional baked sweet potato. Occasional cooked vegetables. A little sprouted seeds. Soaked oatmeal a couple times/month. Whole raw vegetables frequently (might cut back). I also take cod liver oil every day."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "I used to eat junk, as a younger teen. I had acne and often felt stressed out. Also, had warts at times."

Health improvements:  "I handle stress so much better now. I am generally calmer and able to think clearer. Acne completely eliminated (I think cod liver oil really helped this). No warts since diet change."

Detox Symptoms: "One case of terrible food "poisoning" once, after a summer of eating a pound or more of ground organic beef every day. Seemed like E. Coli but I am not sure. Intense intestinal cramping. I took a little break from raw meats after that. No problems since that time."

Acclimation to raw meat: "I have no strong feelings either way, never did. I think it tastes fine. Oysters taste the best, naturally salty. I enjoy lamb or a nice cut of beef too. Also, raw tuna is very good."

Comments: "I don't eat whole raw eggs, I only use the yolk. I experienced digestive troubles after my intake of whole raw eggs went above 6 or 7 a day. I blame the enzyme inhibitors in the eggwhite and so I don't eat raw eggwhite anymore. 3-5 yolks a day is my usual. Also, I eat very little fruit, as I felt like it made me tired. I eat it at night, before bed.


#29  Age: 56

Length of experience: "4year exclusively raw primal" consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "Some wine ...a glass or two, once every two months or so"

Previous Diet and Health Condition:

Health improvements: 

Detox Symptoms:

Acclimation to raw meat: "Liked raw meat right away"



#30  Age: 42

Length of experience: 4 months consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, lamb, salad once a month, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "coffee, once a week alcohol, once a week on average,  bread once or twice a week"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "everything cooked except salad and occasional sashimi alcohol three times a week, strong coffees every day diagnosed with breast cancer, high grade"

Health improvements:  "stronger, more muscle mass, calmer, better digestion, better elimination, fatter and happier, more sexual"

Detox Symptoms: "mucuous in sinus passages, fatigue and a need for rest, better sleep, detox after hot baths with coconut cream, raw vinegar and sea salt"

Acclimation to raw meat: "took2 months to feel okay about raw beef, at times there is a funkiness to raw fish and raw eggs i don't like so i hold my breath as i swallow"

Comments: "i am grateful to have found aajonus vonderplanitz and to have had a personal consult iridology exam.  i feel totally confident in the science behind his suggestions and have had noticeably improved skin and general health on the four months since going on the primal diet. for someone with a large tumour who was told to have a masectomy within four weeks or else, i am living happier and healthier than ever before.  tumour still there but i am sure it will dissolve over the next years as mr vonderplanitz suggests, based on his experience with other cancer clients."


#31  Age: 46

Length of experience: 7-8 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cream, butter, milk, cheese, lamb, scallops

Other foods eaten: "everything but processed and "fast" foods. I also eat lacto-fermented foods like kefir, kimchee and sauerkraut"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "about 3/4 raw, 1/4 cooked. lots of raw meat, eggs and cream. a little fruit everyday, salads in the summer when local and fresh. white basmati rice once or twice a week during the past few months as an experiment with a little cooked vegies."

Health improvements:  "Raw meat, eggs and dairy feel great. Very nourishing, sustaining without the energy drawdowns of eating cooked foods of any kind."

Detox Symptoms: "Not much detoxing. "

Acclimation to raw meat: "First time I tried raw meat I couldn't continue. Then I tried it again a year later and could."

Comments: "Even my girlfriend loves how raw meat, eggs and dairy feel. And feels awful when she hasn't eating any for a week or so, like when she goes away. I don't know if I could live without it. I definitely feel best when I eat all raw. But I'm not rigid and I've been easily seduced by cooked foods that look or sound appealing."


#32  Age: 32

Length of experience: 2 3/4 years

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, pork, "wild boar, live mussels,raw deer innards etc. etc."

Other foods eaten: "Only drink mineral water and occasionally raw goats' milk.  Unlike others on the Primal Diet I don't touch cows' milk or juiced vegetables(as they are not Palaeolithic foods)"

Previous Diet and Health Condition: I had chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety for 20+ years with dozens of related conditions(eg:- hyperhydrosis=excessive sweating).I have been on it for 2 3/4 years now.3 1/4 years if you count the first 6 months when I made every mistake possible with an RPD diet.

Health improvements:  "After 6 months on the Primal Diet I gave up drinking/eating raw cows' milk products, and almost all my illnesses improved. After  a further 6 months, most of my illnesses disappeared."

Detox Symptoms: "I get periods of detox roughly once every 1 to 3 months, lasting 2-7 days"

Acclimation to raw meat: "I got used to it out of necessity. I was very close to death (or so it seemed), and was in great pain so I had no problems. Initially I ate only nonorganic muscle-meats which were largely tasteless or repulsive. When I switched to eating mainly raw innards from organic or wild animals, the taste was fantastic, far better than cooked food tasted all those years ago."

Comments: "While my ill-health is almost over, I still have dark areas in the inner part of my irises, indicating my body still needs to heal. Interesting Fact:- On rare occasions(every 5-6 months or so) I eat a cooked-food junk meal. This always results in a splitting headache or me coughing up mucus or getting diarrhea. I use this very occasional meal as a psychological boost because it is very frequent that I am invited to dinner etc., and the temptation to eat a bit of cooked food purely to fit into society can be strong."


#33  Age: 23

Length of experience: 1 month consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, milk, cheese

Other foods eaten: "I'm not 100%  will add spices to soups,  occasionally add some cooked bacon bits to raw beef.  Another vice is bread dipped in cold pressed unheated/unfiltered olive oil."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "8o-90% raw.  Usually chopped raw beef with some spice, soup make with tomatoes and eggs and garlic in a blender, raw cheese, raw coconut, occasional raw fish, apples, raw honey...occasional raw nuts and seeds. Unraw includes bread dipped in
olive oil, spices, occasional bacon bits w/ raw beef.  Raw milk eggnogs most days sweetened with raw honey, raw avocado."

Health improvements:  "It's only been a month.  Asthma greatly reduced, almost gone. I don't wake up anymore at night needing my inhaler - whereas I used to every night.  I also sleep through the night, I can't remember doing that before raw.  Skin is less translucent, irritations clearing up,  mood improved 10fold. I am very calm and happy.  Lifelong binge eating problems disappeared. Was really excited when I noticed I wasn't obsessed. Small amount of weight loss on trouble area, although I'm eating a lot and not trying to lose weight."

Detox Symptoms: "A week after going 97& raw after 2 weeks weaning off cooked I had diahhrea for 3 days straight, every 30 minutes.  Besides
needing to run to the toilet I felt great - no headaches, no pains..  I've had no problems since.  When I drink a LOT of milk I get sleepy."

Acclimation to raw meat: "The milk and cheese was awesome.  I'm not at the point of LOVING raw meat because the texture does not appeal to me, however I crave it.  Cooked foods on the other hand have a repulsiveness to them.  For example, a nice juicy charred prime rib looks so good, and I know it will taste good in my mouth but there is a...yuck factor to it.  I don't know how to explain it.  Imagine if you knew that your dog's poop tasted like your favourite candy. It might taste good but it's still yucky.. I don't know where this attitude came from.  It's just a "feeling" I get when I look at many cooked or processed foods."

Comments: "I'm hooked for life.  Husband is simultaneously teasing me and saying that he might try this because of the positive things happening to me.  I wish I could find raw butter."


#34  Age: 46

Length of experience: 3 years consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, fish, eggs, butter

Other foods eaten: "Sometimes lately when out with friend's green tea with raw butter (I bring along). Greens (dandelion, romaine lettuce) just a few leaves if not eating organs."

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "underweight. heavy metal contamination. dull sensation in liver. low energy."

Health improvements: "able to gain weight. better energy stability."

Detox Symptoms: "diarrhea periodically, periodic soreness around my ovaries with cycles,noisy intestines when drinking juice."

Acclimation to raw meat: "Meat was the first thing that I tried, and have always liked it. I'm torn on the use of milk, honey, fruit and juice."

Comments: "I've experimented on the primal diet since initially going to Aajonus and getting his recommendations. I initially used milk, honey, fruit, juice etc. Lately I've been experimenting with just eating meat, fish, eggs and butter, and not using milk, juice or honey. I do eat leaves of romaine or dandelion occassionally, which I got into while away on vacation. I was torn also about using juice. I can understand its use since we cannot drink blood often and the chlorophyl seems similar to hemoglobin. Sometimes I get cold or sleepy after drinking it though. Maybe I'm making it too bitter."


#35  Age: 45

Length of experience: 2 months on and off

Foods eaten raw: beef, eggs, raw milk

Other foods eaten:

Previous Diet and Health Condition:

Health improvements: "I was having extreme mind busting headaches for years. After about one week of drinking raw goat milk the headaches went away. I  didn't get any milk for about two weeks and the headaches started to come back. So back on the raw milk I went and I havn't had a headache for probally about two weeks now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoo
   Nicholas costanza

Detox Symptoms:

Acclimation to raw meat:



#36  Age: 22

Length of experience: 2 weeks consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, pork, eggs, milk

Other foods eaten:

Previous Diet and Health Condition:

Health improvements: "gained about 4 lbs of muscle"

Detox Symptoms:

Acclimation to raw meat:

Comments: "I got salmonella from raw pork"


#37  Age: 42

Length of experience: 1 year, consistent

Foods eaten raw: beef, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese

Other foods eaten: Raw vegetables, raw vegetable juice, meat bone broth

Previous Diet and Health Condition: "vegan plus fish for a few years--initially I had more energy, but gradually I began to lose energy and get sick more often.  I developed joint pain"

Health improvements: "Joint pain disappeared. Energy level increased.  Digestion and elimination inproved.  My skin improved"

Detox Symptoms: " I also was eating too much meat, which was giving me nausea.  I've since cut back and regained energy.  I was having
problems digesting meat, perhaps because of the previous lack of salt in the diet for the hydrochloric acid. I added sea salt and vegetable juice and the problem improved."

Acclimation to raw meat: "Raw meat has always tasted better.  I just had to get used to the consistency"

Comments: "I agree with Aajonus' approach with some modifications. I add some sea salt, cod liver oil, nuts and trace minerals.  The social aspect has been difficult because my spouse thinks I'm crazy even though I've had all these health benefits (she hasn't)  I've stopped going to the dentist because my cavities were a symptom of osteoporosis in the teeth.  I haven't had any pain in my teeth since.  The social aspect of this kind of eating is a challenge, so some support would be helpful.  If anyone would like to correspond to discuss diet and provide some support my email is alan.lichtman@dcaa.mil"


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