Start slow, don't just dive right into fasting.  You need to get used to it mentally and physically.

Drink plenty of water, but don't overdo it.

Eat healthy at least most of the time when you're not fasting

Have a shot or two of pickle juice if you feel faint when fasting


Drink salt water-I thought this would restore electrolytes while fasting.  It just gave me the runs, which further depletes electrolytes.  I was only adding about 500mg of sodium to 16 oz, and it was too much.  This will tax your kidneys and irritate the bowel.

Crush up a multivitamin that hurts on an empty stomach and mix it in water-that doesn't help.

Exercise outside after a complete fast the previous day.  Avoid heat exhaustion and don't exercise vigourously.  Make sure you have something to eat immediately after your workout if you're breaking your fast that day.  Also having a bit of pickle juice may help. 

Fasting Does and Don'ts