Calorie Cutting Tips

*This page focuses on calorie reduction, so some of the food suggestions aren't necessarily healthy but can be helpful in reducing weight, especially if you are a snackaholic like myself. 

Use butter flavored spray, butter flavoring, and butter flavored salt substitute to reduce or replace butter.

Cook with water (also helps prevent the formation of AGEs)

High fat food substitutes:

Light or extra light mayo
Reduced fat or fat free deli meats and hotdogs
Light whipped topping
Fat free yogurt
Sugar free creamer
Fat free cheese
Salad spritzer
Whipped butter

Low Calorie Flavorings:

Lemon or lime juice
Salt/salt substitute-especially flavored
Butter Spray
Salad Spritzer
Ranch dry mix
Extracts and flavorings
Butter Buds® Flavor Granules

Very Low Calorie Snacks (0-<40)

Fat free Oscar Mayer bologna (22/srvg) with optional mustard and or extra light mayo (15/srvg)

98% fat free Oscar Mayer smoked turkey

Laughing Cow light cheeses

Sugar free jello (10/srvg)

Sugar free popsicles (15-25/srvg)

Sugar free hard candy (5-10/piece, ~35/srvg)

Fresh fruit, low sugar

Fresh veggies with yogurt based dip (fat free yogurt + ranch dry mix or other seasoning)

Cucumber salad



Salad with salad spritzer

Gerber graduate fruit puffs (strange, but heard they're good for a low cal snack! 25 cals per 70 pieces), many other baby snacks

Kale chips (15/srvg)

5 calorie boullion

Low Calorie Snacks (40-60)

Fat free lunch meats (~40-45/srvg)

Sugar free pudding (~50-60/srvg)

Cooked veggies with butter substitutes (see top)  and/or seasoning of choice

Fat free cheese (45/srvg)

Wasa Light Rye (60/2 slices)

Low Calorie Snacks (60-150)

Fat free yogurt smoothie (fat free yogurt, sugar substitute, frozen fruit of choice)

Reduced fat cheese sticks  (eat them plain, melt them and add mushrooms & tomatoes or crisp them in the microwave-about 1 min)

Low Calorie Meals:

Low cal soups (gv vegetable beef: 225/can, 90 1srvg; chicken and stars: 70/srvg, 140/can; Campbells Select Harvest Light Soups; Healthy Choice soups: 68-240, Campbell's condensed french onion soup: 45/srvg)

Fish (or other seafood) and veggies

Chicken and veggies

Extra Lean beef and veggies

Omelett (2 eggs, 2 thin slices deli ham, fat free cheese, sliced cherry tomatoes, mushrooms: ~250-300 cals

Low Calorie Products Online:

Miracle Noodle-lots of pasta & rice substitutes 0 calorie
Walden Farms Calorie free condiments (many people do not like the walden farms products, but I've seen favorable reviews for some of them like the syrups & bbq sauce)
PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter (45 cals)
Big Train Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (140 prepared)
Dixie Diner Muffin Mixes (31/srvg blueberry cream flavor)
Dixie Diner Pancake-Waffle Mixes (17/srvg)
HealthWise Bakery Zero Net Carb Bread (60/srvg)
ThinSlim Foods Low Carb Low Fat Brownies (45/srvg)

Tips to Reduce Snacking:

Drink water
Stay busy (with a hobby, read a book, online research, socialize, play a game)
Chew gum
Brush teeth
suck on sugar free hard candy
Avoid getting snacks contained in large bags or boxes that discourage portion control-go for snacks in single serving packages, unless the whole package is low calorie