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Walden Farms-I've only tried their chocolate sauce and wasn't impressed, it sat in the fridge unused for about a year until someone finally threw it away.  I've seen bad reviews of their dressings as well.  Don't waste your money on this crap.  There is a thread on their products here-lots of reviews that pretty much says it all.

Keto Ketchup-I just got mine in the mail today and had some with my salmon.  When I took my first taste, I thought, "wow, much like ketchup, but a bit more spicy and sweet."  When you use it with food it helps to mask the spicy and sweetness of it.  All in all, I'm not dissapointed, it is most definately an acceptable ketchup replacement.  This ketchup uses splenda to sweeten and has only 1 carb per tablespoon.  If you want a sugar free ketchup that tastes like regular ketchup, I recommend this one.

Carb Options Peanut butter-This is pretty good, tasted like regular peanut butter to me.

Carb Options Garden Style Sauce-well...if you want a good spaghetti sauce that actually tastes like spaghetti sauce then..GET THIS!  I love the stuff-only 5 net carbs (minus fiber) per half cup. 


Erythritol-very good taste, same bulk and texture as sugar, has a cooling effect due to it's ultra low calorie nature.  Doesn't always dissolve and can leave a grainy texture in some baked goods if used in excess but other than that it's very useful for bulk and sweetening.  The benefits of erythritol is that it's the lowest calorie (and lowest on the glycemic index) sweetener you can use for bulk, candy making and whatever else you can dream up. 

Inulin-good as a bulk and filler ingredient.  Virtually no sweetness. It is the next best thing to erythritol, has 1.5 calories per gram and is mainly fiber.  Also, like erythritol, it doesn't cause a rise in insulin.  It has no after taste at all, it would be good for baking, candy making and other uses with a concentrated sweetener, say Stevia, to make up for lack of sweetness.

DaVinci Sugar free syrups

Peanut butter syrup-aweful, avoid like the plague.
Vanilla-ok, great smell.  I've noticed with both of these syrups that there is some kind of tangy or citrusy aftertaste.

Stevita stevia packets-these work just great for a concentrated sweetener and what I love about them best is they have no hidden carbs because they use erythritol as a filler instead of the high glycemic maltodextrin.

Baked Goods:

I usually just make my own with almond flour and splenda.  They all come out pretty good.  So far the cakes I've made have come out kinda dense and don't rise (possibly because I didn't use baking powder), pretty flat but other than that just fine.

I just tried Pleasantville's peanut butter cookies.  Other than the shape they weren't quite what I expected.  They seemed mealy, dense and moist.  They didn't taste anything like peanut butter and they weren't sweet enough.  They were ok but I've made better.  If you have time to make your own cookies, I recommend doing that but if you don't have time to cook or just don't want to, I recommend pleasantville cookies because they are the healthiest alternative to regular cookies.  Most low carb baked goods are made with soy which I recommend avoiding as much as possible.  Although I thought they were mediocre, I liked them enough to eat them pretty quickly.  They make a good snack to have around.  You get 10 cookies a bag, each with 100 calories and 2 net carbs.

Nature's Own 7 carb bread-good, like regular wheat bread


Carbolite Bread Mix-don't bother with this at all.  I only ate it because my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas and I gained weight.  It has BREAD FLOUR in it!  Plus it's a hassle to make and it comes out really dense and the crust is like rock hard-yuck! Stick with ready-made low carb breads like Nature's Own 7 carb bread.


Blue Bunny Light 85 Sugar Free Yogurt-These are very good and I don't know of anyone who stalls or gains eating this, in fact it's helped people lose weight, including me.  Yogurt has beneficial bacteria and these bacteria are good for you and digest the lactose in milk and possibly other sugars.  Because of this the real carb count may be 4-5 for 8 oz. This is also a good source of calcium, which also aids in weight loss.  You can find these delishious yogurts at walmart supercenters.

Just the Cheese cheese chips-I got a bag of these once at my local health food store and HATED them-absolutely repulsive.  They tasted really stale or something.  I've heard of others liking them but maybe they just got fresher ones, still I'd steer clear, waste of money.  You could just as easily make your own and save money.  Just microwave a slice of cheddar for a minute and a half or bake or fry.  I haven't tried baking or frying it just microwaving, it works really well and it makes the best snack.

CarbSolutions Nacho Cheese Chips-These are better than Atkins Crunchers.  I can still taste the soy but not quite as bad.  The chips seem more like real chips.

CarbSolutions BBQ Chips-YUCK. That's all I have to say. 

KetoSnax Nacho Cheese Chips-I was very impressed with these, I was surprised that I didn't taste soy at all, they really tasted like nacho chips!  There are definitely the best low carb chip I've tried and would love to get it again..and dip them in some Carb Options cheese sauce-which I haven't tried yet but plan to.  These are way cheaper at netrition than they are where I get them, at Walgreens.  Click here if you want to get them.

Bars and Candy:

Atkins Morning Start Bars-I've only had the creamy cinnamon bun, they are tooooo good.  These are the yummiest snack I've ever had!  No soy aftertaste at all!

Carb Slim Bites-Lots of people really liked these (reviews on a forum) and said that these didn't cause them any intestinal distress as many other sugar free candies do.  I thought they tasted great and liked the movie-style box.  My only complaint is that they should put more in there!

CarbSolutions peanut butter and hazelnut toffee bar-I can sum these up in one word-YUK.  They use soy protein and this is why it tastes so nasty.  Some people think they're ok and one person on the low carb forum said they taste better chilled. 

Carb Solutions caramel and nougat bar-much better than their other bars.  This one is actually pretty good. 

Carb Solutions Smores Bar-not bad, actually couldn't taste any soy, pretty smoresy.

Pure D-Lite Milk Chocolate-Tastes just like regular chocolate

Pure D-Lite Gummy Zoo Animals-They didn't blow me away but they're alright, pretty much like regular gummy candy, maybe not quite as sweet, maybe a little bland.  Good if you like gummy candy.

Carbolite Caramel Noughat-Oh yes, this one is irresistable.  This tastes just like a real caramel and noughat candy bar. I found a box of 6 for about 5 bucks, ($0.83 each) at the super walmart (in the larger bars section), pretty good deal. Now if they would make these with erythritol and inulin, that would be even better!

Russel Stover-All good, tastes exactly like the real thing.

GoLightly-I was least impressed with these but they're ok.  They make caramels and candy similiar to tootsie rolls, the only low carb version I've found of them.  They have a some what different texture.  They're passable, they could be better but they could worse.  I recommend them for a tootsie roll and other chewy candy substitute, useful for when the dreaded Halloween rolls around. 

Reeses-Their sugar free peanut butter cups are exactly like their regular ones, but WATCH OUT, they're sweetened with lactitol, the worste of the sugar alcohols when it comes to digestive tolerance!  If you feel that sugar free candy that causes you the most gastrointestinal upset gives you the least carbs, well, this candy is for you.  If you can't eat just one or two of any sugar free candy..don't get them at all, serious!
Slimfast Succeed bars-flavors tried; banana nut, cookies n cream, chocolate peanut.  I liked them all but banana nut was my absolute FAVE, better in fact than any protein bar I've had I also like the fact that they're only 99 cents a bar.  I found these at walmart where the low carb bars are.


Atkins ready to drink shakes-pretty good, I like the chocolate and strawberry best.  They really fill me up too.

Carbolite Canned Shakes-these are also very tasty.  Sweeter than atkins shakes and more carbs but they come from erythritol.  Netritions sells their shake mix.

CarbCoundown Milk-pretty good, tastes just like regular milk.

Baking Ingredients:

Almond flour-terrific flour for all sorts of desserty things like cake, cookies, brownies, muffins, pancakes, etc.  I havent tried making regular bread with it yet but there are plenty of recipes for almond flour bread.  For a ton of bread recipes, click here.

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